Metsims Sustainability Consulting

United Kingdom, Europe, Turkey

Metsims Sustainability Consulting is a bespoke sustainability consultancy focusing on resource efficiency, circular economy and life cycle thinking in industries from construction materials producers to textiles and chemicals. Life cycle assessment (LCA) is our core methodology to assess measurable sustainability and resource efficiency indicators in any industry. We have done over 100 LCAs in both large and SME manufacturing companies. We have access to the leading LCA tools and databases. We are also the developer of TurCoMDat and UKCoMDat, life cycle inventory databases for construction products for Turkey and the UK, respectively.




LCA Studio

Czech Republic

LCAstudio is an independent consultation group that has been working on LCA studies and EPD development and verification since 2019.




Miljögiraff AB stands for expertise in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) according to ISO 14044, combined with a cross-border perspective. LCA methodology creates conditions for modelling complex systems of environmental concerns with credible assessment of the potential environmental impacts. With a cross-border perspective, Miljögiraff combines knowledge in different areas and cultures to create dynamic and effective results, particularly in combining engineering with methodology for design in Design for Environment (DFE).