The EPD Registry™ is a new searchable online database of Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs). It is a global reference library on construction products that have disclosed their environmental profiles through EPDs. The EPD Registry™ satisfies this important information need in the market.

The EPD Registry™ is a non-profit collaborative effort involving industry experts, LCA/EPD consultants, manufacturers, green building councils, designers and green building assessment schemes.

Searchable by maps, by specific address, by country, by product name, by manufacturer and by distance from construction site, The EPD Registry™ simplifies the EPD search process for design and construction professionals while providing manufacturers with a central database in which to list building products that feature an accompanying EPD.


The database is especially valuable for those seeking building products that can contribute to certifications by LEED®, Green Globes®, BREEAM, DGNB, HQE, Green Star and other green building assessment programmes. The EPD Registry™supports the Commission to provide a method for the voluntary delivery of environmental information that supports the construction of sustainable works including new and existing buildings (not all construction works will be included). These buildings should provide all of the necessary functions to the users whilst minimising their environmental impacts. One way to achieve this goal is to provide environmental information on the construction products and the materials that are used. The EPD databases developed are presented in a format that is useful for other parties, such as architects and contractors.

The EPD Registry™ is an overarching reference library EPD operators, manufacturers and LCA/EPD consultants to promote construction products to designers, architects, civil engineers, specifiers, procurers, green building experts, constructors and many other potential end users.

The EPD Registry™ is the first – and to date only – service to offer digitisation of EPDs to worldwide manufacturers.

The EPD Registry™ supports and sponsors the development of digital databases for construction products and their wider implementation in assessing and reducing the environmental impacts of green buildings.

What is The EPD Registry™ for?

EPDs summarize the environmental impact of a product – such as its potential contribution to global warming, smog or acidification, embodied energy and carbon, water footprint and so on. This type of data is increasingly useful to architects, green building professionals, federal agencies and others who specify or purchase products based on environmental attributes. The EPD Registry™ has been developed to satisfy that need.

Until The EPD Registry™ there has been no single source of information on construction products that is compliant with the fast growing green building sector and green building assessment schemes. 

The construction sector has the highest climate change impacts among any other sectors. The EPD Registry™ will present construction products with climate change data and more, to enable measurable assessment of green buildings.

The EPD Registry™ helps green building professionals better understand the environmental impact of building products.

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