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AIS Opal

AIS Opal is the ideal choice when it comes to hard-coated heat reflective glass. Manufactured using cutting-edge technology, its solar control properties reflect the sun s heat away from the building, while allowing natural light to brighten up the interiors.

Extremely durable and long-lasting
Delivers world-class quality, and offers best value for money
Its cool range of colours are Royal Blue, Aqua
Blue, Cool Green, Olive Green, Pearl Grey, and Golden Bronze
Wide choice in sizes and thicknesses
AIS Opal Trendz

AIS Opal Trendz is a first-of-its-kind patterned reflective glass which provides a unique glazing solution. Its solar control property blocks heat and prevents it from entering the building. It enables architects and designers to set new benchmarks, while helping users experience comfort in various colours and styles.

Extremely durable and long-lasting
Creates a delightful play of light and colour
Its vibrant shades include: Royal Blue, Aqua Blue, Cool Green, Olive Green, Pearl Grey, anGolden Bronze
Available in four exciting patterns: Mini Squares, Box Stripes, Cross Hatch, and T-Weave
Comes in various thicknesses and sizes
Ecosense by AIS

AIS Ecosense offers the most advanced way to achieve a delicate balance between the outdoors and the indoors, aesthetics and economics, and function and finesse. Developed to suit the unique climatic conditions of the Indian subcontinent, AIS Ecosense meets the needs of the Indian consumers who traditionally require more cooling than heating and want to prevent solar radiation from coming in.

AIS Ecosense is a unique range of high performance glass in natural shades available as Enhance (Solar Control), Exceed (Solar Control Low-E Glass), Essence (Low-E), Edge (Solar Control Glass and Thermal Insulation – Low E Glass) and Excel (Solar Control Double Low-E).

A natural choice for all environment-friendly architecture, AIS Ecosense is now widely used on exterior facades to keep indoor spaces brighter and cooler. The Enhance, Exceed Essence and Edge ranges are designed to deliver superior performance that allows architects and builders to set a high standard of green architecture by:

Allowing optimum light to pass through windows/facade while absorbing and reflecting away a large degree of the near range Infrared heat.
Keeping indoor spaces brighter and cooler.

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