At Prodema we specialize in creating natural wood products of the highest quality for the world of architecture and design. Following years of research and development we are proud to offer a unique, innovative and high-tech product with no need for the regular maintenance usually required by other wood exteriors.

We created a highly resistant PVDF outer film that protects ProdEX from natures elements, creating a product which is totally maintenance free. This PVDF film is also anti-graffiti and non-stick, preventing organic matter from developing on the panels surface and reducing the build-up of dust and dirt from ambient pollution.

By the pool or spa we can also enjoy the beauty of a ProdIN product (by Prodema). Because thanks to the Neptuno range, wood is getting closer to water than ever without any problem, providing a touch of warmth to otherwise somewhat cold spaces (swimming pools, spas and even bathrooms).

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San Miguel Auzoa, 9, 20250 Legorreta, Gipuzkoa, Spain

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