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This sector EPD covers Australian-produced sawn hardwood timber / lumber. Both the forestry stage and the processing of hardwood sawlogs into sawn timber products at sawmills around Australia are included. These hardwood products, both seasoned (kiln-dried) and unseasoned (green), are used for a large variety of structural and non-structural applications.

Hardwood timber is primarily produced in accordance with the standards AS 2082 Timber – Hardwood – Visually stress-graded for structural purposes and AS 2796 Timber – Hardwood – Sawn and milled products.

The declared unit is 1 cubic metre of timber. The scope is cradle-to-gate with options. The production stage includes forestry, log haulage, processing, kiln-drying, planing and packaging. Environmental information is also supplied for preservative treatment. Five optional end-of-life scenarios are included: two for landfill, one energy recovery, one for reuse and one for recycling.

The document complies with the requirements for an industry-wide EPD under the Green Building Council of Australias Green Star rating system and the Infrastructure Sustainability (IS) rating scheme of the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia (ISCA).

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