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ConverLight glass laminate consists of a ConverLight foil placed between two sheets of float glass. By using a multilayer structure comprising several different materials between two plastic films, a flexible and lightweight ConverLight foil is created. The foil is capable of changing its degree of shading by applying a low electrical voltage. The foil does not use electricity except when the shading is being altered. The ConverLight control unit (CCU), with output power of 1 W, regulates the foils shading, either manually or automatically, for example, by connecting it to a sensor network. Application areas are numerous, including controlled shading of windows in buildings, aircraft, motor vehicles and boats wherever optical quality, visual comfort and temperature comfort contribute to safe and efficient operation. ConverLight is adaptable for your needs. Its delivered according to the desired insulating glass (IGU) configuration with the CCU. Each individual CCU can manage up to four windows. The controfunction is always tailor-made in each case.

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