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EMALIT EVOLUTION, SERALIT EVOLUTION, OPALIT EVOLUTION and PICTUREit are toughened glasses, compliant with the standard EN 12150:
EMALIT EVOLUTION is an opaque coloured glass, obtained by uniformly depositing a layer of enamel on one side of the glass;
SERALIT EVOLUTION is a colour patterned glass. It is produced by depositing an enamel pattern to one side of the glass, through a textile screen;
OPALIT EVOLUTION is a translucent toughened enamelled glass produced by applying a layer of translucent enamel;
PICTUREit is a digital printed glass, using enamels for the colors.
The new enamels are of the same nature as the glass itself. They are lead-free, and contain no cadmium, lithium, mercury or chrome VI (< 1.000 ppm in the enamel). They are fired at very high temperature, a process which simultaneously toughens the glass. The enamels are completely integrated into the surface of the glass, giving the decoration durability and stability over time.
EMALIT EVOLUTION, SERALIT EVOLUTION, OPALIT EVOLUTION and PICTUREit are meant to be sed in building and furniture, especially for facades, street furniture and the interior decor buildings.

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