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A1 COREX is a plasterboard used in the cladding of existing walls and partition walls, in the construction of suspended ceilings, shaft walls and ventilation ducts, and in the reinforcing of steel and wooden structural components fire resistance.

DALSAN Alçı has developed first workshop establishment from fabrication of teeth plaster by baking and pestling them in neighborhood bakery oven, commenced on 1932 in Kayseri. Dalsan Alçı started to give direction to involved sector with big and certain steps upon moving to Ankara from Kayseri in 1955.

Today, DALSAN Alçı has fabrication capacity of 1 million ton of plaster based products by using modern and high technology in facilities location in Gebze and Ankara. Additionally, galvanized profiles used in drywall systems are also fabricated in these facilities. DALSAN Alçı increases the share in market by the aim of true and qualified product delivery to customers as well as qualified and honesty based fabrication.

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Ziya Gokalp Cd. No:4, 41400 Inonu Mah.gebze Guzeller Organize Sanayi Bolgesi/Gebze/Kocaeli/TURKEY

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