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Geocalce F Antisismico, Geocalce FL Antisismico, Geocalce G Antisismico, Geocalce Intonaco and Geocalce Multiuso are anti-seismic and structural breathable inorganic geo-mortars for repair and reinforcement of reinforced concrete and masonry.
They are certified to improve the safety of buildings, providing natural ventilation to improve indoor air quality, natural bacteriostatic and fungistatic effect.
GeoCalce F Antisismico and GeoCalce G Antisismico are suitable for consolidation and repair of masonry works. They are specific for use as a mineral matrix to be used with galvanized steel sheets, stainless steel fibre mesh, helical bars and electro-welded meshes in certified structural reinforcement, improvement and seismic adaptation systems.
GeoCalce FL Antisismico is specific for use as a fluid mineral mortar in consolidating injections and as a matrix in combination with galvanised steel fibre thread connectors to create certified connections for structural reinforcement, improvement and seismic adaptation.
GeoCalce Intonaco is a plaster for thickness finishing specific in certified structural reinforcement, improvement and seismic adaptation systems, ideal for the restoration of walls in brick and mixed stones.
GeoCalce Multiuso is a smoothing coat and plaster for levelling absorbent surfaces or synthetic coatings in the refurbishment of buildings and renovation of old walls. It is specific for finishing certified structural reinforcement systems made with epoxy or mineral matrix.

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