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About the product
Gypsum is a construction material, being provided with superheating of gypsum CaSO4+2H2O and evaporating of its water and grinding. When it is mixed with water, gypsum gains bounding property again. Gypsum plaster is used to make plaster boards, fibrous plaster, building decorations and moulds for many applications. Gypsum based plasters manufactured by Alc bay are used mainly as first level plaster applied to surfaces like concrete, gas concrete, brick etc. with machine or by hand.

About the Company
Since 1992, Alc bay Gips Gelistirilmis nsaat Malzemeleri ve Perlitli Siva Sanayi A.s manufactures powder gypsum products; perlite gypsum plaster, satin gypsum, gypsum based machine- applied plaster, Carton-Pierre gypsum, gypsum sheet binding gypsum and gypsum sheet sealing compound in Mersin and Ankara manufacturing plants. Alc bay gypsum based plaster products are sold in market under three different brand names; Alc bay, Dr. Mix and Ekogips.

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Ilkbahar Mahallesi, 606. Sk. No:7, 06550 Cankaya/Ankara/TURKEY

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